21 February 1954

“Do not listen to the voice of the mind. Listen to the voice of the heart. Mind wavers; heart does not falter. Mind fears; heart is not daunted. Mind is the house of doubts, reasonings and theories. The heart, when purified, becomes the dwelling of Beloved God. So get your heart rid of low desires, temptations and selfishness, and God will manifest in you as your own Self.”

— Meher Baba
(Lord Meher Vol. 11 & 12)

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February 1923 The Mastery in Servitude motto is created by Baba as the motto of Manzil-e-Meem.
1 February 1918 Merwanji remarks at the birth of Dinshaw, son of His friend Khodu (Sailor) and Naja, “My first disciple has been born.”
1 February 1969 Beloved Baba's body is interred at Meherabad in the tomb he had ordered to be built long before, now known as Baba's Samadhi or tomb-shrine. Followers go there until the 7th of February to take their last darshan and glimpse of Meher Baba's physical form.
2 February 1942 Baba leaves Meherabad to stay at Dehra Dun and visit the surrounding areas.
5 February 1954 Baba led through the village Nauranga visiting houses. A darshan program for 5,000 people is held the same day.
7 February 1948 Baba contacts an entire family of masts (God-intoxicated souls), consisting of seven sisters and two brothers. Baba says they were masts from birth.
7 February 1954 Baba gives darshan in a junior high school in Muskara, Hamirpur District.
10 February 1933 Baba suddenly decides to have a British passport instead of a Persian one and has the application prepared.
10 February 1954 On his second trip to Hamirpur, in the early hours of the morning following a night vigil of songs, jokes and Prayer of Repentance, Baba declared Himself to be the Avatar for the first time publicly and spells out on His alphabet board for the first time, "Avatar Meher Baba ki jai". This is also Baba's birthday by the Zoroastrian calendar.
13 February 1951 Baba’s 100 days of seclusion begins in Mahabaleshwar. He fasts off and on throughout the seclusion.
14 February 1943 Baba dictates “The Task for Spiritual Workers."
15 February 1923 Baba orders a search throughout Bombay for the blind and destitute so he can feed them. Nearly 800 people are fed.
15 February 1957 Baba touches the feet of 800 poor people, then putting his hand to his forehead gives each the prasad of sweets.
16 February 1948 Baba washes the feet of the poor and gives bundles of grain to more than 1,000 people.
17 February 1937 10,000 poor people are given bundles of grain and cloth at Nasik as part of Baba’s birthday celebration. Baba touches the feet of all who receive these gifts from him.
18 February 1922 Baba’s birthday is celebrated at Sadashiv Patel’s house in Poona (Pune). Here Baba declares Gulmai as his spiritual mother and Shireen as his worldly mother.
18 February 1948 Baba distributes bundles of grain to the poor after washing their feet. This takes place at a primary school in Parner, Maharashtra.
20 February 1890 Gustadji, Meher Baba's close disciple, is born. Under Baba's direction, Gustadji kept silence for over 30 years of his life.
20 February 1948 In a school in Kharda Maharashtra, Baba distributes food to the poor and washes their feet.
22 February 1924 Baba and 8 of his men mandali depart for Persia (Iran) via Bombay (Mumbai) Harbor. This is Baba's first visit there.
22 February 1954 After a darshan program in the small village of Pammaru, seemingly without reason, Baba goes to the home of a poor old man. Later it is discovered that the man had not attended the darshan program because he thought he would not be allowed due to his social caste. The man’s heart was overwhelmed to find Baba coming to him.
23 February 1923 Baba and his group from Manzil-e-Meem feed 200 poor, crippled or blind people.
23 February 1954 While listening to bag pipe music at a darshan program in Machilipatnam, Baba says it reminds him of the very first song sung that produced this phenomenon called the Universe.
24 February 1948 800 people receive bundles of grain from Baba’s own hand at Meherazad.
24 February 1954 Baba unexpectedly asks his driver to stop at a school in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. Baba goes inside and greets a four-year-old boy who runs into his arms. Later it is revealed that this child had found a leaflet about Baba and had begged his parents to take him to Baba. His parents had refused and punished the boy. After his parents heard of Baba’s visit, they took the boy to see him and asked Baba’s forgiveness.
25 February 1894 Meher Baba (then Merwan Irani) is born at 5 a.m. in Poona (Pune), India.
25 February 1943 Baba’s mother Shireen Irani dies at her home in Poona (Pune).
25 February 1954 At 5 a.m., the time Baba was born, Baba has the Prayer of Repentance read out. He then has his feet ceremonially washed by Eruch and Gustadji for the first time since 1937.