24 December 1939

“You must first understand what Real Love means. Selfish motives, even in what people call love, often deceive them and they mistake selfish feelings for love. I will make the point clear with an example: a person talking of love will say, ‘I love my beloved. I want my beloved to be with me,’ and so on. But in all these expressions of love, the ‘I’ and ‘my’ are most predominant. Another example: suppose you find your child running about in tattered clothes and feeling unhappy about it. You will readily feel for it and do all in your power to get good clothes and make the child happy. On the other hand, if you see a child in the street in similar conditions, i.e., in torn and tattered clothes, would you feel the same and act as readily as you did in the case of your own child? If not, it shows how your attitude towards your own child is merely a result of your selfish feeling. Your feelings could be called the outcome of True Love if your attitude towards the unknown child of a stranger in the street were the same as towards your own child under the same conditions. Complete absence of selfishness is therefore the true characteristic and real test of Pure Love.”

— Meher Baba

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1 December 1954 Baba begins a 40-day fast.
2 December 1932 Baba reaches Venice, Italy on his 4th visit to the West.
2 December 1956 Baba’s second car accident occurs in Udtara, India near Satara. With him are Eruch, Pendu, Vishnu and Dr. Nilu. Baba is badly injured in the accident and Dr. Nilu is killed.
4 December 1932 Baba arrives in Milan by train and stays in Hotel Diana.
5 December 1947 Baba enters seclusion on Tembi Hill behind Meherazad, now known as Seclusion Hill.
6 December 1932 Baba arrives in Paris and leaves for London at afternoon.
7 December 1949 Baba asks men mandali to wear only a langoti (loincloth) and to repeat mentally a prayer asking God for strength to control anger, lust and greed and to be fair and honest and kind to the other New Life companions. This takes place in a subterranean passage believed to be the one where the Buddha, after attaining enlightenment, preached his first sermon to his five disciples.
8 December 1932 Dr. Deshmukh meets Baba for the first time at the Knightsbridge Hotel in London.
8 December 1938 The first Blue Bus Tour of India begins with 22 disciples, both men and women. It lasts until May of 1939.
10 December 1949 The gypsy phase of the New Life begins as the begging /langoti training phase ends.
15 December 1918 Meher Baba’s sister, Mani Sheriar Irani, is born. Baba is 24 years old. Mani is the last child born to Sheriar and Shireen.
15 December 1932 Baba arrives in Zurich, Switzerland and stays with Hedi and Walter Mertens.
16 December 1932 Baba arrives in Genoa, Italy and stays at the Savoy Majestic Hotel.
18 December 1952 Baba contacts masts in Aurangabad.
19 December 1925 Meher Baba reveals, “My real form is indescribable! When I speak, a few will experience it internally, from within. At that time, my outward form will resemble the forms of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Rama and Zoroaster. They all looked like me, with the same hair and a similar face.”
19 December 1932 Baba arrives in Alexandria, Egypt.
20 December 1932 Baba arrives in Cairo and stays at the Hotel Pension Morandi.
21 December 1944 Nariman and Arnavaz Dadachanji are married at a fire temple in Ahmednagar.
22 December 1968 Mehera’s birthday is celebrated at Meherazad. From 1968 onward her birthday is celebrated on this day.
22 December 1968 Baba’s nephew Dara is married to Amrit Kumar in Baba’s presence. This is an important date because it was the last opportunity for many of Baba's followers to see Baba and have his darshan. The gathering was a celebration of Mehera's birthday, an engagement and four children's navjote cermony.
23 December 1933 Valu begins planting saplings on both sides of the narrow road going up the hill at Meherabad.
23 December 1944 Baba attends the funeral of Masaji, Pendu’s father, in lower Meherabad. Baba gives his message about a memorial tower that will one day be built commemorating his followers who had passed on.
24 December 1933 The pump is turned on at Meherabad to make water available up the hill.
24 December 1941 Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj drops his body.
25 December 1932 Baba visits the most ancient pyramids, including King Zoser’s in Sakkara, Egypt.
26 December 1968 Baba's health continues to decline and he experiences severe muscle spasms. Baba remarks, "The time is very near."
30 December 1932 Baba visits the Cairo Museum and views the famous Tutankhamen Collection. He visits the Coptic Church for the second time.
December 1941 Baba contacts 7,000 sadhus at the Kumbha Mela, Allahabad from the 30th to the 31st. This is the largest number of sadhus ever contacted by Baba at one time.
31 December 1952 Baba gives a two-day darshan in Saoner, Nagpur District, which 20,000 persons attend each day, including, for the first time, Bhau Kalchuri his wife and daughter.