13 August 1953

The Masters Prayer (also known as the Parvardigar Prayer and The Universal Prayer.)

“O Parvardigar, the Preserver and Protector of All,

You are without Beginning, and without End;

Non-dual, beyond Comparison; and none can measure You.

You are without color, without expression, without form, and without attributes.

You are unlimited and unfathomable, beyond imagination and conception; eternal and imperishable.

You are indivisible; and none can see You but with eyes Divine.

You always were, You always are, and You always will be;

You are everywhere, You are in everything; and You are also beyond everywhere and beyond everything.

You are in the firmament and in the depths, You are manifest and unmanifest; on all planes and beyond all planes.

You are in the three worlds, and also beyond the three worlds;

You are imperceptible and independent.

You are the Creator, the Lord of Lords, the Knower of all minds and hearts;

You are Omnipotent and Omnipresent.

You are Knowledge Infinite, Power infinite and Bliss Infinite.

You are the Ocean of Knowledge, All-Knowing, Infinitely-Knowing; the Knower of the past, the present and the future, and You are Knowledge itself.

You are All-merciful and eternally benevolent;

You are the Soul of souls, the One with infinite attributes;

You are the Trinity of Truth, Knowledge and Bliss;

You are the Source of Truth, the Ocean of Love;

You are the Ancient One, the Highest of the High;

You are Prabhu and Parameshwar;

You are the Beyond-God, and the Beyond-Beyond-God also;

You are Parabrahma; Allah; Elahi; Yezdan; Ahuramazda; and God the Beloved.

You are named Ezad: the only One worthy of worship.”

— Meher Baba

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1 August 1918 Merwanji and his friend Behramji (Buasaheb) open a toddy shop in Kasba Peth, Poona (Pune). Here Merwan does the menial work with his own hands, advises people not to drink and gives income from the shop to the poor. Several of Merwanji’s early disciples meet him here.
1 August 1949 Baba emerges from 40 days of the “Great Seclusion”. Passages from the holy books are again read out. Baba later stated, "The work I have done in Meherazad [during this seclusion]. I have not done anywhere in the world."
2 August 1956 Baba visits Meher Mount in Ojai, California.
6 August 1932 Baba reaches Assisi, Italy at 5 p.m. He is taken to a cave used by St. Francis on Mt. Subasio. Baba spends the night in the cave.
6 August 1952 Baba leaves London for Switzerland and stays in Locarno.
7 August 1932 Baba emerges from St. Francis’s cave. He reveals that an important spiritual meeting took place during the night, the likes of which has never been held before.
8 August 1932 Baba arrives in Florence, Italy by car in the morning hours. Baba then visits a spot on a hill in the village of Borganto, where he says that St. Francis had a vision of Christ.
8 August 1948 Baba leaves Ahmednagar for Madras to contact masts.
9 August 1956 Baba arrives in Sydney, Australia. This is his first trip to Australia.
9 August 1962 Baba visits his spiritual mother Gulmai Irani on her deathbed at Kushru Quarters (now the Trust Compound in Ahmednagar). Baba kisses her forehead.
10 August 1962 Gulmai Irani stares up from a coma and loudly calls out Baba’s name with her last breath. The next day, Baba showers her coffin with roses as it is lowered into the grave at Meherabad.
11 August 1925 Lord Krishna’s Birthday is celebrated at Meherabad.
11 August 1932 Baba goes on a picnic in Portofino, Italy.
11 August 1956 Baba visits Melbourne, Australia for the first time.
13 August 2002 Ali Akbar Shapurzaman, known as Aloba, dies in Pune. Aloba, one of Baba's men mandali, was devoted to Baba since his boyhood days in the Prem Ashram and served Baba till the end of his life.
13 August 1953 Baba dictates the Master’s Prayer in Dehra Dun. (Also known as the "Parvardigar Prayer.")
13 August 1959 Baba warns his followers that Maya will make everything go against him and that they should be on guard and hold firmly to Baba’s daaman (hem of his garment).
16 August 1951 Baba issues a statement that he has no concern with politics and that his followers must never involve Baba or his name in connection with politics.
17 August 1925 Perfect Master Tajuddin Baba drops his body.
17 August 1949 Baba decides to take four of his women mandali on the New Life: Mehera, Mani, Meheru and Goher. He also decides where the other women mandali will stay during the New Life.
18 August 1932 Baba reaches Venice, Italy and stays in the Hotel International.
19 August 1932 Baba visits Lido Beach, Italy.
19 August 1996 Baba’s sister and devoted disciple, Mani S. Irani dies at Meherazad.
20 August 1922 Baba is the guest of honor at the wedding of Munshiji's son Usman.
23 August 1932 Baba lands in Alexandria, Egypt.
24 August 1925 Mastan is the first mast (God-intoxicated soul) who is given shelter by Baba at Meherabad. Baba says he is on the first plane of consciousness.
24 August 1947 Baba gives a public darshan program in Satara.
25 August 1932 Baba visits the Coptic Church in Egypt.
25 August 1938 Baba and the women occupy the new two-story Meher Retreat building on Meherabad Hill
25 August 1959 A Prayer for Baba Lovers (commonly known as the Beloved God Prayer) is read out at Meherazad for the first time.
27 August 1948 Opening of Baba's new house at Meherazad.
28 August 1947 Baba suffers from a severe attack of bronchial pneumonia and has a high temperature.
28 August 1946 Baba visits a public library in Saharanpur. Here he contacts 1500 middle-class people and gives each one some money as “prasad”. His identity is kept a secret.
29 August 1931 Baba departs on his first visit to the West. Before leaving India, Baba sends a message to Meher Gazette, "I am everywhere and in everything."
29 August 1946 Baba maintains strict seclusion in Niranjanpur for 15 days.
31 August 2001 Eruch Jessawala, longtime mandali member and main interpreter of Baba’s gestures dies at Meherazad. Baba said Eruch was not only a disciple but also a friend.