3 May 1965

"This time of your being with me, I do not intend giving you a lot of words to exercise your minds. I want your minds to sleep so that your hearts may awaken in my love. You have had enough words; I have had enough words. It is not through words that I give what I have to give. In the silence of your perfect surrender, my love which is always silent can flow to you — to be yours always to keep and to share with those who seek me. When the Word of my love breaks out of its silence and speaks in your hearts, telling you who I really am, you will know that that is the Real Word you have been always longing to hear."

— Meher Baba
(Lord Meher Vol. 19 & 20)

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1 May 1945 Baba begins a nine-day fast of only water.
1 May 1965 Baba arrives at the Poona Center for the first day of the 1965 Darshan.
3 May 1965 An Iranian woman believes an impending cesarian operation was avoided because of her calling out to Baba. As a result she sends a sum of money with a friend to Baba. Baba informs the friend to return the money, along with his love and to instruct the woman to use the money to feed the poor in Iran.
4 May 1923 Baba puts his holy feet at Meherabad for the first time. “Meherabad”— “Meher Flourishing” was the name given by Baba himself.
7 May 1932 Baba arrives in Paris and stays on the fifth floor of the Powers Hotel.
9 May 1923 Baba attends the wedding reception of Rustom and Freiny Irani.
9 May 1952 Baba declares the Meher Spiritual Center officially open. Francis Brabazon meets Baba for the first time in the Lagoon Cabin that same day.
12 May 1932 Baba reluctantly visits the British House of Commons, in London. Parliament is in full session. He signs his name to the register. Baba comments that it is the first time he has ever been in such a building or signed his name to such a thing.
15 May 1943 Baba explains the Divine Theme to a gathering of 125 men at Meherabad.
15 May 1958 Baba leaves India for his thirteenth visit to the West.
16 May 1930 Baba enters the cave in Tiger Valley for 11 days of seclusion.
17 May 1952 An open day is held at Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach. Which almost 700 people attend. Each is handed a piece of paper with some facts about Baba and are instructed to see Baba, touch his hand and pass on. Whenever a black person comes through, Baba stands to greet them.
19 May 1932 Baba arrives in New York on His second visit to America. Baba’s Message to America, composed and printed aboard the ship, is given to the reporters requesting interviews with Baba.
19 May 1958 Baba has private interviews with people in the Lagoon Cabin at the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
19 May 1952 Baba sends a car with a few men mandali to Meher Mount in California to make arrangements for his arrival.
20 May 1989 Baba’s closest disciple, Mehera Irani dies in Meherazad.
20 May 1952 It is a rainy day with thunder and lightning. Baba leaves the Meher Spiritual Center to drive across the United States for California, but before leaving he asks Elizabeth, the driver, if she has her insurance policy with her. Baba and His group stay the night in a motel in Columbia, South Carolina.
21 May 1932 Elizabeth Patterson drives Baba through Central Park in New York City.
23 May 1934 Baba dictates the Theme of Creation Chart.
24 May 1932 Baba gives Elizabeth a small pink flower, telling her to always keep this flower and to write down the day’s date. He tells her that someday she will know the meaning of it.
24 May 1952 20 years to the day Baba gave Elizabeth the flower, there is a car accident in Prague, Oklahoma. Elizabeth is driving. Baba and Mehera are badly injured.
25 May 1885 Perfect Master Narayan Maharaj is born.
25 May 1923 First spiritual tour of Baba’s to Sanchi, Karachi, Mathura, and Quetta. In Quetta, future women mandali, Goher Irani and Katie Irani, aged 7 and 3, meet Baba for the first time.
25 May 1932 Baba leaves by train from Harmon, New York to Chicago, Illinois.
29 May 1932 Baba arrives in Los Angeles, California for the first time. In the following six days, he visits Hollywood and meets with famous actors and actresses at Paramount, MGM and Fox Studios.