6 June 1960

“It is better to deny God than to defy God.

Sometimes our weakness is considered as strength, and we take delight in this borrowed greatness.

To profess to be a lover of God and then to be dishonest to God, to the world and to himself, is unparalleled hypocrisy.

Difficulties give us the opportunity to prove our greatness by overcoming them.

A child’s trust in its mother is complete, because it leaves all its worries to her. She has to take care of it. So if we trust God and let him worry for us, we live contented and happy.

When the leader of a nation puts complete trust in God, God makes him the instrument to guide the nation rightly.

We should think well of those who think ill of us.”

— Meher Baba
(The God-Man)

June in the Life of Meher Baba June January February March April May June July August September October November December
June 1930 Initial issue of Meher Gazette published by Sampath Aiyangar of Madras.
3 June 1928 Meherabad Ashram is shifted to Toka.
3 June 1958 Baba visits Avatar’s Abode near Brisbane, Australia for the first time. He stays there until June 6th. This is Baba's second visit to Australia.
4 June 1923 Baba travels by train to Malir, Karachi for a picnic. There he helps to shoulder the watermelons and walks 2 miles to a stream. Here he bathes and washes his own clothes. Baba has only watermelon juice at the picnic.
4 June 1967 Baba sends a telegram to his Australian followers who are celebrating the anniversary of his visit to Australia.
5 June 1958 Baba speaks to his Australian followers of Mehera. He says Mehera is the purest of women and shows them her photo.
5 June 1960 The largest public darshan of the summer takes place at Guruprasad with an estimated 10,000 people in attendance.
7 June 1922 Meher Baba moves himself and his disciples to Manzil-e-Meem – “the House of the Master” ashram in Bombay, where the disciples are instructed to obey him implicitly.
7 June 1952 From Prague, Oklahoma, Baba and the other mandali reach Youpon Dunes, Elizabeth's family home in Myrtle Beach, where they can recuperate from the car accident.
9 June 1960 Baba visits the Hindu Women’s Home, an institution for neglected women and abandoned children. Baba later mentions the tremendous amount of good that will come to these children.
11 June 1932 Baba sails from Hawaii for China at noon on “Empress of Japan.”
12 June 1933 Baba leaves India for his fifth visit to the West.
13 June 1927 Baba attends a play in Ahmednagar. The play is directed and acted in by Baba’s maternal uncle, Rustom. Baba brings a group of 150 people with him, including the schoolchildren.
15 June 1927 Baba composes the Seven Names of God Prayer, “Hari, Paramatma, Allah, Ahuramazda, God, Yezdan, Hu.”
16 June 1926 Zoroaster’s death anniversary is observed by Baba and the mandali.
17 June 1952 Baba gives a special message to Sufism Reoriented and indicates that he will send a charter before the end of the year.
17 June 1967 Baba finalizes his Last Will and Testament. Eruch and Mani sign it as legal witnesses.
19 June 1932 Baba’s ship lands at Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city. He walks through the crowded streets.
19 June 1955 Baba plays cricket with mandali and close ones, who were arranged on specific teams by Baba in Udtara near the site of Baba's second car accident the following year.
20 June 1925 First Christian disciple of Meher Baba, an Englishman named Lewis Henry Cox Nelhams arrives at Meherabad to join the mandali.
20 June 1932 Baba gets off the ship at Kobe, Japan and strolls throughout the city.
21 June 1949 Baba invites all his local disciples to be present at Meherazad at 7 a.m. Passages from the Avesta, Gita, Bible and the Quran are read.
22 June 1932 Baba lands in Shanghai, China, where he meets Kitty Davy’s brother, Herbert and Baba’s brother Jal. He then leaves by train for Nanking.
22 June 1949 Baba enters the Blue Bus for the “Great Seclusion” of 40 days.
23 June 1933 Baba reaches Genoa, Italy and stays in the Hotel Astoria Belgrano for two days.
26 June 1927 Baba gives a discourse on religion stating that the Truth has nothing to do with religion as it is far beyond the tenets and principles of religion. He points out the futility of conversion.
26 June 1932 Baba visits the National Cinema and Temple of Confucius in Nanking, China.
26 June 1960 A program is held for the poor in Khushru Quarters (now Trust Compound). 106 lepers and 44 destitute people are brought to Khushru Quarters. Baba washes and wipes the feet of the lepers and destitute, hands each 5 rupees and gives them the towel he used to wash their feet with.
28 June 1933 Baba moves into the Villa Altachiara rented by Elizabeth Patterson in Portofino, Italy.
29 June 1949 Seven mad and mast (God-intoxicated soul) persons are brought to Baba, who cuts their hair, bathes them and dresses them in new clothes. He then sends them away with a packet of sweets.
29 June 1968 X-rays are taken of Baba’s chest and cervical spine at Poona (Pune) Medical Clinic. This is the last time Baba is x-rayed and goes to a hospital.